Pretty small-scale plug and play CSP application

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CSP plug and play system

Electricity and heat dish with a Stirling engine

Microgen is providing Stirling engines to the Italian company Innova that the engine will use for two products:

  1. a dish that supplies 1 kWp power and 3 kWth heat, the so-called Trinum co-generator
  2. and Turbocaldo, which produces only 7.4 kWth heat at a temperature of 110 oC.

Circular equipments

The Trinum co-generator has an efficiency of 55% (for a DNI of 725 W / m 2). Yearly it will produce 2100 kWh of electricity and 6400 kWh of heat.

Both the mirror and the Stirling engine are 100% recyclable (mainly aluminum, iron and copper components).

The Sterling engine is a so-called LFPEG (Linear Free Piston Engine Generator) with a power of 1 kW. Of course multiple systems can be linked together.

Bad weather proof

The parabolic mirror will turn automatically to a bad weather self-protection mode, so the mirror surface and the Stirling engine are protected.

Also, the parabolic mirror needs little space in comparison with other PV or hot water systems: to be precise, 20 m2 (5 m diameter). And the electrical output is 40% higher than a 1 kWp PV electric system!

This system does not require an inverter and can be connected directly to the electricity network.

CSP system video


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