Developing a 24/7 Renewable System by Acciona, TSK, CEBC and Jordanian Gov.

Developing a 24/7 renewable energy system by Acciona is a beautiful problem as there is more than one solution. 

To shed light on this subject we interviewed stakeholders from Acciona, TSK, CEBC and Jordanian Gov – who combined have experience in CSP, PV, Wind, Storage including development, finance and LCOE analysis. 

Check out the 24/7 renewable energy systems whitepaper here at

This whitepaper provides insights on the different technologies available to make a 24/7 System including:

  • Assess the dram combo of PV + CSP to have one cost-effective dispatchable system
  • Review the new roles of MicroGrids comprised of PV, Wind and a small amount of batteries to also have a cost energy system which meets demand
  • Understand the impact of thermal and electrochemical storage as well as envisaged cost trends
  • Review the LCOE of CSP vs mature tech and strategies for ensuring grid stability


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