Do you have technology for water pipe inline inspection?

I am looking for the technology/s that does the following:
1. Visual picture (and if possible – electromagnetic and ultrasonic image) of an under pressure steel water piping full of water.
2. The technology will allow identification of blockage, corrosion, defection, defects in inner concrete layer, deteriorate, leakage, illegal connections and other failures in the piping structure – the inner layer and in the steel which could lead to infrastructure break.
3. Range of activity: 2 km at least.
4. The technology will include:
a. inlet system into the piping
b. Exit system out of the piping
c. Platform that can be mobile, navigated and self location/pinpointing.
d. Platform that has data logger for future analysis of the piping condition and more the mapping of the water system.
e. Dual direction Communication between the platform and above ground unit during inspection.
f. The platform will stand 0.7 ppm free Chlorine in the water.
5. During the inspection, the water system will not be interrupted.
Dror Cohen Tarragan
Wastewater Facilities Superintendent at Hagihon – Jerusalem waste water & Water utility

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