Do you know a plumbing manufacturer? I have an Onsite energy storage device for homes and buildings that recovers and reuses discarded heat from all sources at any temperature Pre-heats cold water 24/7 for water heaters. Reduces energy, cost, time, peak power, smog, climate change. www.

Energy Storage for Everyone Saves Money, Energy, and the Environment
It takes heat energy to turn cold water into the hot water everyone uses, every day, in every building, everywhere, all life long. That heat is then discarded taking more than 350 billion kWh of heat energy per year (DOE) into sewers where it directly adds to global warming.
In any time zone, we all mostly use hot water at the same-times-of-day so most water heaters are ‘on’ for some time at the same time. At 4,500 watts each, the result is an expensive peak in power demand (50 percent of your bill). If the cold water is heated by gas, hot, moist, acidic fumes are emitted at those same times which creates ground level smog and acrid pollution. 
The cost of that heat energy added to the costs of peak power, transmission losses, air pollution (6.5 million deaths/year), environmental costs of other power sources, plus, the drained heat makes hot water one of the largest contributors to global warming. 
And while reducing our daily hot water use is probably not an option, reducing the energy needed to heat cold water absolutely is. 
Our newly developed Drainergy and HeatBank passive and low-cost heat exchangers, pre-heat all the cold water all the time using discarded heat that is recovered, stored and reused from one or more sources (such as showers, exhausts, tubs, washing/drying appliances, heat pumps, ventilators), with no heat loss to cold drainwater.
This ‘free’ preheating allows heaters to supply more hot water on less energy and to get ‘hot’ faster so that fewer are ‘on’ at the same time shaving peak power demand. It also reduces global warming and other environmental damage, while saving everyone money, everywhere, every day, all life long.
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