Funding for a Wind Power generator

Funding for a Wind Power generator

Funding for a Wind Power generator

Can you help Khaled Katmawi Sabbagh?

His invention is a unique and very simple method to generate power by the wind of 250 – 500  meters altitudes

(As a matter of fact, the wind becomes much faster as we go higher in altitude, and any increase in the speed of wind leads to much more increase in its energy because there is a cubic proportional relationship between the energy of the wind and its speed) by a very low cost which I believe it not exceed 20 % of the cost of generating the same amount of power by the conventional windmill (turbines).
It’s known, the max altitude of the conventional windmill currently is about 150 meters. It’s possible to use this technique for water pumping, in agricultural lands for example, directly instead of generating the power, we can replace the power generator by a water pump.


I’ve obtained a PCT(international) grant patent from United Kingdom. On 06 August 2014, the intellectual property office in UK “IPO.UK” issued my grant patent under Patent Serial Number: GB2495028.0


Please support it and make this powerful solution a reality.
I’ve launched a Crowd Funding campaign on ( to raise the fund required to build up a large scale prototype.

I’ll be grateful for any contribution.


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