Getting permission to use the image" Smart-Grid-EU-Network-2050" for a Euro-CASE report

Where can we get permission to use the image “Smart-Grid-EU-Network-2050” for the Euro-CASE (The European Council of Academies of Applied Sciences, Technologies and Engineering) report on “Energy transitions in Europe – common goals but different paths” drafted by the Steering Group or its Enrergy Platform.
The report looks into the different energy systems of EU member countries and how to coordinate these systems in a coherent European one.  The mentioned image would well fit the thematic the report and we would lmike to have it on the cover page.  Evidently, we would mention where it comes from and would thertefore also like to ask you how to reference the image.

  1. Yes of course. Can you sent me a link? I am not sure which article you mean.
    Thanks Tanja
  2. Dear Tanja,
    the links are: , entitled: Sun, wind and wave-powered: Europe unites to build renewable energy ‘supergrid’
  3. perfect Wolf. Go ahead. Regards Tanja
  4. Still another link is this: , which seems to be the original one but finding out who has the author rights and contacting that author is difficult.
    Thank you very much in advance for your help
  5. Dear Tanja,
    when you say "go ahead", do you mean I have the permission to use the image in question?
  6. Yes Wolf. I am looking forward to your article. Tanja
  7. Thanx a lot. Where do you want me to send the article/report to once it is complete? We will probably post it onto the Eur--CASE website. In that case, a link to the report will be OK?
    Best wishes,
  8. One more question: How do you want me to reference the image?
  9. A link is fine Wolf.
    Smart Grid projects, results and lessons learned on

    regards Tanja

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