Looking for funding in Tonga is pointless. Can you help Inoke Mo’unga?

Inoke Mo‘ungaI lives in Tonga.

They are using ozone generators to sanitize the water 99% of all Tongans use for consumption. He works for a family company where his boss has manufactured, with the limited supplies he could get a hold of, a water vacuum. This enables them to clean the rainwater tanks. His boss has also, with great cost to himself, purchased an ozone generator that they use to sanitize the water after cleaning the tanks.  We are looking for ways to reach the villages on the outskirts of Tonga. That is where the majority of the disadvantaged live. They are still struggling to make pay each week. Where can we look to for applications to receive funding? Let’s give them support!

  1. I read Inoke Mo'unga's personal account of his water purification experience. I am a forty year worker in the RO industry. I found his account truly inspiring. His story and his dedication to his country and people make me want to continue and never retire. Sharing his experience with us seems like such a small thing. But I hope he realizes how much good he does when he tells his story. Paul Glugla Senior Process Engineer at EMD Millipore

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