New innovation to generate hydroelectric power .BGE – WA ENERGY

Dear Sir .
A project proposal and cooperation for the deployment of a new generation of turbines in the world and creating green energy
Bernoulli energy system designed to generate significant and sustained kinetic energy in small, medium and large projects
We can cooperate in the dissemination of innovation in accordance with the long-term treaty.
Green Energy Bernoulli able to generate kinetic energy. Recycling Energy situation (potential energy) in similarity dams mobile system. The use of a fixed amount of water. Or accumulated snow. Or sea water treatment fixed amount of water system.
Bernoulli energy capable of competing with farms of wind energy projects and solar energy and wave energy.
The adoption of a fixed amount of water and compressed air tanks renewed in a closed theory can produce electrical energy competition in the price of kilowatt – hour.
I’m looking for a partnership with a multi-plant sizes Turbine .
Workshop with the age group and technical innovation for the deployment of a new theory.

Innovation system to generate environmentally friendly renewable energy. Remember carbon.
The name of innovation. Bernoulli green energy.
Alternative fuel? Compressed air. Water. Or snow. A fixed amount of water.
General Description. Animated dams.
The cost of generating kilowatt – hour. Solar energy compete. And wind power. And wave energy.
Directory. A large amount of kinetic energy. And under control.
Recycling potential. In the external system.
Stages of implementation of the project.
Laboratory and workshop.?
Art collection
Equipment and tools have been identified.
Safety Book
Quality book
Legal registration
It can provide a million jobs a minimum chance every year.
Reduction of the energy bill.
Reduce the cost of electrical power means help solve the problems of water desalination
The second proposal
Adoption of human potential in the neglected
The production capacity of up to 100,000 MW.
I can prove my theory and I take full Responsibility.
Providing support and funding in ascending step by step with the evaluation of results.

Wadeea Khalaf

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