Partner search for H2020 ‘CSP Market Uptake’

PARTNER SEARCH FOR H2020 PROPOSAL “CSP Market Uptake” (Submission of Expression of Interest: Before November 1st 2016)

  • OBJECTIVE: Market uptake of CSP (concentrated solar power)
  • PARTNERS SOUGHT: We are specially interested in partners with previous experience (preferrably as coordinators) in Market Uptake actions in the framework of the H2020 program (LCE 4 – 2014/2015, LCE 14 – 2014/2015).
  • If interested, please answer below at comments, we will get back to you asap with indications on the following steps.


International Projects Area

Contact : Javier Ordonez jordonez@

Avda. Antonio Masa Campos, 26 Avda.Antonio Masa Campos, 26 06011 Badajoz -Spain

T. +34 924 26 21 61


AGENEX is a public entity, owned by regional and local authorities and of governmental and educational nature. Founded in 2001, his goal is the diversification of the energy supply and the promotion of the energy efficiency in Extremadura (Spain)

Our work focuses in two axes:

  • Axe I: Development of technologies integrating renewable energies (RE) and energy efficiency (EE) measures in all areas of society
  • Axe II: Analyse and design strategies in order to direct society towards a low carbon economy, the transposition of rules, raise awareness, train key actors and build capacities in the public sector

This experience reflects in many project s and works:

  • Building EE, with more than 300 studies in the last 10 years
  • RE investments, with more than 1,5 MW installed of many different technologies
  • EE training, with more than 300 courses and 4000 participants
  • Creation of more than 25 local and regional EE management plans

This work is being carried out by a team of more than 30 university graduates of the industrial and environment areas, all of them having received training in energy issues AGENEX has extensive experience in the coordination and implementation of European projects, the main ones being:

  • Interreg POCTEP: Coordinator in Promoeener (1,9M€, 2011) and partner in ALTERCEXA II (1,2M€, 2011), Enersur, Biotermi and DESA
  • Interreg SUDOE: Coordinator in REHABILITE (0,3M€ in 2016) and AGROGAS (0,12M€ in 2013) and partner in APERSUE (0,1M€, 2012)
  • Interreg IVC and Europe: Coordinator in FINERPOL (0,35M€, 2016), partner in CISMOB (0,25M€, 2016), SocialGreen (0,2M€, 2016) and REGREEN (0,14M€, 2012)
  • EIB: Coordinator of ELENA GREENER Extremadura (1,4 M€, 2015) – H2020: Partner in ENERINVEST (0,2M€, 2015)
  • ERASMUS: Coordinator in SOLAR CV (0,13M€, in 2015), coordinator in AGROSKILL (0,1M€, 2014) and coordinator in BIOMASS EUVET (0,1M€, 2012)
  • LIFE: Partner in ICIRBUS (0,1 M€, 2015) and EDEA I and II (0,2M€, 2013)


Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy, Energy Policy, Energy Planning, International Projects

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