We can arrange for you to get 100% funding for any government backed renewable energy project that needs funds of $4,000,000 and above

Renewable Energy Project Funding & Business Development,Intelligent Global Power Ltd
Mark Whitaker 
Energy Performance Certificates (or similar if required)
The Intelligent Global Power Energy Finance Team has in place the infrastructure to support
Renewable energy projects and their customers by providing competitive structured funding
Solutions across the globe there are benefits to working with us to provide funding for your customers and being set up as a fully approved team member on our database.
Special purpose Vehicle Finance
Key lending parameters:

we will provide funding guaranteed against the Power Purchase Agreement where all Permissions and grid connection agreements are in place for the installation of Renewable technology.

Funding provided for up to 10 years (Can extend further).

We will fund 100% of the system cost (secured on the system installed).

No tie in to existing assets / Unsecured / Repayments – Depreciating Capital / off
Balance sheet

Commercial Systems Funding Option
Key lending parameters:

We will provide finance that is guaranteed against the Energy Saving and income That is available through government back incentives.

Funding provided in the form of a lease of up to 10+ years.

We will fund 100% of the system cost (secured on the system installed).

No tie in to existing assets / Unsecured / Repayments – Depreciating Capital / off
Balance sheet

Available for commercial / private sector / industrial / agriculture / landowners

Installations typically qualify for an insurance backed installation guarantee for the
Term of the lease

Systems can be maintained and insured against damage, loss of yield, and theft

Systems revert to your own ownership after the agreement term ends

Asset Backed Finance
Key lending parameters:

We will provide funding in the form of a Hire Purchase agreement to EU business’s for the
installation of renewable technology.

Funding provided for up to 7 years.

We will fund 90% of the cost of the project excluding VAT.

Debt will be held against the balance sheet of the business and may be secured by way of a guarantee from the owners/directors.

It must be demonstrated that the debt can be repaid from existing cash flows as government incentives cost savings will not be taken in to account when calculating affordability.

We will want to see financial information for the business. Preferably 3 years of accounts.

We will require a detailed specification and cost breakdown for the proposed installation. This will be provided by your supplier/installer.

Funding will only be provided once installation work is completed and that the system is up and running.

Each project will be assessed by the funder to check it qualifies for the funding. Financing can be
proposed for a Renewable Energy Source (RES) projects subject to the following documents* being
presented at the time of application for the funding:

Key parameters:
No Matter How Small or Large
Business plan
Cost breakdown of project / project value / funding amount Power Purchase Agreements (PPA’s)
Grid connection agreements
Planning permissions (e.g. for Ground Mount Solar PV, Wind Turbines or Power generation Plants)
Environmental studies*
Bat / bird surveys (e.g. for Wind Turbines)*

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