Recycle your concrete and save CO2

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The Cement- and therewith also the Concrete industry is one of the most CO2 polluting industries. For example; 1kg Portland cement = 1kg CO2 pollution

Concrete trash is cash

Last week the Dutch inventor Koos Schenk has won the ‘ASN World Award’ with his recycling solution to recycle used concrete rubble. His invention can result in a significant reduction of greenhouse gasses

With this new recycling machine, reduction of the carbon footprint will be possible.

Recycle concrete with the Smart Crusher

As you know, concrete is the most important use of cement. And cement is one of the products with the biggest carbon footprint on earth. If the cement can be restored (and recycled) this would save lots of carbon world wide.

With the recycling solution of Schenk, industries can again win the cement from the rubble and reuse it without additional CO2.

Smart Crusher BV is frontrunner in developing a patented technology to liberate all the concrete ingredients. The cement stone as a CO2 free cement feed or as real cement (cement in old concrete is never fully hydrated and so directly reusable). Sand and pebbles liberated out of old concrete is “better than new”.

The machine crushes sand and pebbles enable the production off new concrete with 15% less cement. Next step: mr. Schenk is discussion making the first concrete breaker machines with industrial builders.

The Netherlands already recycles 98% of all building materials.

Link to the video (in Dutch only)

Koos Schenk Concrete Crusher

Koos Schenk, inventor of the Concrete Crusher


SCC in Oss, the Netherlands, founder Koos Schenk








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