Reduce risks storming water

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The US President has declared a federal disaster for the storms and floods that struck 8 counties of Iowa during late August 2016.

Storming Water costs lives and a lot of money. Last winter, more than 15,000 homes and businesses in just eight council areas in the USA were flooded, a survey has revealed.

In October, the US President has declared a federal disaster for storming water and floods that struck 8 countries during late August 2016

The research for the Local Government Association found that councils were still helping flood-hit homes recover.

Councils are encouraging people to check if they are at risk of flooding this year, to sign up to flood warnings and make sure their homes are prepared.14

Storming water

Flood Risk: Question Is Where, Not When. So what do we have to protect you, your house and love ones?

Let’s start with the known measurement tools:

1. Floodtags

The crowd is saving lives during storming water disasters. How? FloodTags is receiving all flood related tweets, starting in Indonesia. Tweets about major floods are being turned into a mapping tool that could be used by emergency services and disaster response teams to evacuate an area, save lives and provide aid.

2. Fishermen also help predict floodings

Scientists can predict a flooding or droughts using sensors in a river or ditch. With the new sensing pair of waders, fishermen around the world, help scientists. This new technology is a lot cheaper. To determine where groundwater reaches the river or ditch, geoscientists developed distributed temperature sensor technology to predict a flooding.

3. IFIS community platform

The Iowa Flood Information System (IFIS) platform gives civilians access community-based flood conditions, storming water forecasts, visualizations, inundation maps and flood-related data, information, and applications.

The IFIS helps communities make better-informed decisions on the occurrence of floods, and alerts communities in advance to help minimize damage of floods.Take a look.

4. Smart Water Monitoring With Your Phone reduces costs to over 90%

MWM developed the Mobile Water Tracker (software and technology) to analyze information from thousands of water meters to improve communication with farmers and water managers,

With a press on the button, the Tracker finds leaks, institutes rate changes, analyzes and send utility managers and farmers better manage support on their water management.

5. 3Di floods

3Di shows the affects in case of flooding, storming water and dry periods, water transport by the river etc. All described exceptionally well in a 3Di area model. The answer to ‘What If’.

And now we show you the protection technologies

Reduce risks storming water

Flexible Tube Barrier from 50 cm to 100 cm high

1. The tube

Take a look at the Tube Barrier. This one is fast, light weighted, flexible and easy to store!

Benefits of the Tube Barrier

  • it is user-friendly
  • It’s easy to set up as well as the stow is quick
  • It will be an integrated part of the area (rolled up in a compartment) and can be rolled out when flooding is imminent
  • the Tube Barrier creates an effective and flexible dam by using the water of the river

The Tube Barrier is made up of a number of elements. The Tube itself is held up by the tension bars in and around the Tube. This looks like a hollow tunnel. The span slats are made from a special fiberglass created what the enormous pressure and stress can cope well. For the Tube is a flap that is attached to the Tube itself.

Reduce risks storming water

This multi functional flood barrier offers the ability to change the height of the flood barrier.

2. Neptune flex system

The Neptune system offers the ability to change the height of the barrier which, significantly reduces the risk that the barrier will become inadequate over time. A highly valuable feature given the varying and unpredictable projections in rising sea levels.
The Neptune System can also be used to increase the height of existing barriers.

With a minimum lifespan of 75 years the Neptune System:

  • Has the same strength and resilience as concrete
  • Provides substantial cost savings
  • Can be installed 3 times faster
  • Suits any ground conditions
  • Is much less harmful to the environment
  • Generates electricity from wind and/or sun power
SLAMdam flood barrier

Also, the SlamDam can be used for creating a bassin for reception of contaminated firefighting water

3. Multi functional SLAMdam

The revolutionary Dutch invention SLAMdam is an innovative flood barrier that can be placed simply by only two people. And after that you just roll it back to manageable size. A big step forward in safety of your life and home when the water is rising.

The SLAMdam® can be used as

  • a floodbarrier
  • a bassin
    for example holding chemicals together




Super 'Lego" boxes: the BoxBarrier prevents against flooding

Super ‘Lego” boxes: the BoxBarrier prevents your community against floodings

4. The BoxBarrier uses water against water

The BoxBarrier is a very effective temporary flood defense system, which can be used to temporarily heighten the crest of a dike, or to make a temporary dam on flat terrain.

The modular flood defense consists of box elements, which are connected by joint elements.

The box elements are covered by lids. The box elements are filled by a pump and then the BoxBarrier is ready for all types of floods!




Eko Flood System

Eko Flood System is a HY-FLO Self Closing Flood Barrier passive system

5. EKO Flood

EKO Flood USA offers comprehensive flood control systems to help protect communities, businesses and cities from major flood disasters.

Fast setup time. A 30 worker team manages:

  • 1.7 sq ft per second
  • 100 sq ft in 2.8 minutes
  • 2,125 sq ft in an hour

Hydroguard flood barrier6. HydroGuard Flood Barrier for Houses and Buildings

HydroGuard has been designed so that you can easily install it in minutes. Simply remove from the box, expand to fit the door frame and clip into place. Unlike many other products, HydroGuard won’t require you to make permanent alterations to your property. Have a look at this:

  • Robust aluminium yet lightweight; easy to install and store away by one person
  • Extremely user-friendly; no tools required for self-installation within seconds in the event of a flood alert
  • Discreet ground U channel with cover plate ensuring continuous watertight seal
  • Anodized finish, maintenance-free
  • 2 year guarantee (followed by optional annual maintenance check)
  • Tested up to 2.1m high, zero leakage

Inspiration from the dossier Green/Blue Cities


Water storage in your community

The construction of additional water storage facilities and water plazas, and the provision of incentives for green roofs, all help to preserve the optimal quality of life in the city despite the drastic climate change. These initiatives involve innovative alternatives for water storage, solutions for water collection during heavy downpours (emergency storage), and options to delay the discharge of rainwater.

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The Aquaflow® system – where the ditch comes directly under the pavement – complies. The water buffer immediately used as road base. This allows the storage system is higher than the level in the ditches.


The Aquaflow storage system distributes rainwater fast: thanks to the open structure of the road foundations, the water moves at a speed of more than 100 ml / hr. Even the water from roofs can be discharged effortlessly. Furthermore, the investment per m3 water storage layer is low.

Road as water buffer

Nowadays it is possible to discharge rain water to the water storage (foundation) with a combination of a gully and a WT-water unit:

  • Maintenance for the water permeable paving is no longer needed
  • Another advantage is that the AquaFlow this system can be equipped with asphalt, large tiles and even ancient cobblestones.
    This system is suitable for new buildings and renovations. A great solution for in existing neighborhoods which often have no space for water storage and infiltration systems like pipes, crates or locks.

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