Renewable Energy for a Clean, Healthy World

Public anger, Shell is not too big to fall

Public anger: never too big to fall

At present, we don’t have to burn fossils fuels anymore. We have all these renewable energy resources that will supply more than enough energy for current and future energy demands.

We don’t have to use anything anymore that could contaminate the environment.

The resourced based economy – instead of the monetaire system – is really concerned with people and their well being. Using resources that are clean, efficient and healthy.

Great renewables

The sources mentioned below are just some examples of renewables. Evidently, if the potential of only one of these sources is harnessed efficiently and utilized intelligently, it would supply more than enough to meet the current energy demands.

Combining all renewable sources allows us to build a technologically advanced society with tremendous capabilities.

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Imagine a country that runs entirely on solar power and other renewable energy source. A city that generates entirely no carbon and no waste.


The power of the sun is tremendous. And with all these new PV technologies, almost all communities are able to supply in their own solar power. Directly with a portfolio of solar panes, or indirectly using concentrated solar power (CSP). It has tremendous potential from storing energy in batteries for private use to large scale solar plants on land and in the sea.

The radiation that strikes the Earth’s surface each year is more than 10,000 times the world’s current energy needs.

Mega turbine blades for more wind mill, green energy

Mega turbine blades for more huge green energy generations (24/7)


The power of strong onshore and offshore winds can be extracted from air flow using wind turbines to produce mechanical or electrical energy.

Wind power is plentiful, renewable, widely distributed, clean, produces no greenhouse gas emissions during operation, and uses little land.The Ridgeblade windturbine can even be installed on top of your roof.

The global potential for extracting electrical energy from wind has been estimated to be more than 5 times total global annual energy demands.

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Wave power machine powers 1400 homes in Scotland


Wave Power source is unlimited. Types of power take-off include: hydraulic ram, elastomeric hose pump, pump-to-shore, hydroelectric turbine, air turbine, and linear electrical generator.

Harnessing the energy produced by waves could provide another form of clean and limitless energy source.

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Harnessing tidal power has positive impact on climate change because it produces no greenhouse gas emissions.


It’s efficient to produce renewable energy, using the 24/7 tides. The incoming water is contained in large storage ponds, and as the tide goes out, it turns waterwheels that converted the mechanical energy into electrical via turbines.The UK could supply 34% of it’s energy demand from Tidal Power from 42 sites

Although the electrical energy that would be currently produced from tides is relatively low compared to other renewable sources, with newer technologies that could harness much larger volumes of tidal power.

Renewable energy, renewables, geothermal energy, climate change

renewable geothermal heat source, which will supply between 40 and 50% of our heat requirements.


Although we don’t exactly know what the impact is from winning Geothermal energy on water temperatures in rivers and oceans, this energy source is available in various geographical regions throughout the world, both on land and under the sea.

This power source alone could provide enough clean energy for the next thousand years.In 2006 a MIT report about Geothermal Energy found that 13,000 zetajoule of this clean energy source is available on earth. 2,000 zetajoule is easy to tappable by improved technology.

The total energy consumptions on all the countries is about ,.5 zetajoules a year. This means a green energy source of 4,000 years. And earth energy is continue renewed!

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Gilgel Gibe 3 dam, Ethiopia


Most of the Hydroelectric energy is produced in mountain regions because it needs the gravitational force of falling or flowing water. Hydro electric energy is not the right solution for (sub)tropical area because in these regions, water is scarce and the environment is vulnerable.

This examples are just an overview of the green power solutions we all heard of. We show you also some extraordinaire ones to show the world of fossils can be stopped now.


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