Rice Starks to Electricity

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If you notice that a Pelletizer can press 24/7, the value of the biomass is 21,000 euro (>23,000 USD) a week!

The gap between electricity supply and demand in Curaçao is increasing. Still the Island is relying on imported electricity, diesel and other fossil fuels.

Mr. Doerga (Alesie) has been a trader in rice on the Island for years. He recognized the possibilities of rice residues for biomass power generation and electricity. 

Turhane Doerga supplies different varieties of rice to customers all over the world. Rice is one of the major staples within the Caribbean. But it’s not only the rice which is valuable.

The rice stalks – cut off during the harvest – are a valuable product for (bio) power.

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This remanufactured wood pellet machine presses 4,000 kg/hour


That’s why Tonny de Man (DMT) convinced mr. Doerga of buying a pressing machine – or as they call it – a Biomass Pelletizer. Since 2010, Doerga is pressing the rice stalks into pellets which can be sold for stoves, heaters or the pellets can be fired in power plants for electricity.

Doerga is avoiding extra greenhouse gas because of burning starks. Instead his company supplies green energy and makes extra money.

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All kinds of residues are suitable for the wood pellet presses

Revenue 23,000 USD/week

The Dutch Milling Technology is specialized in Biomass Pelletizers which press stalks and husks into biomass pellets (brikets). With different presses they press from 600 to 3,500 kg/hour. 1,000 kg pounds is sold for 125 euros and will generate 16 kilojoules. If you notice that a Pelletizer can press 24/7, the value of the biomass is 21,000 euro (>23,000 USD) a week!

People, Planet, Profit!

And there are more benefits pressing the rice stalks

  1. it stops burning rice, maize, wood, grain, sugarcane … waste. A contribution to the Global Warming
  2. it is giving excellent, efficient heath for customers in the region
    renewable energy, much better than fossils like oil or diesel
  3. if you think of people, planet, profit, it’s much more healthy comparing with burning wood in stoves, instead of fossil fuel and profitable for the company
  4. the Biomass Pelletizers can also be used for pressing food for animals 

Prices of the completely refurbished pelletizers are 50 to 60,000 euro’s instead of 140,000 euros for a new one. And the maintenance costs are (very) low.

Mr. Doerga: The starks are already dry, Once I bought my first pelletizer and got it working, I bought a second one for Suriname, so that he could run pellets to use a day’s production of shavings.



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