Rivers of Fresh water using Desalination on Solar Power

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The heat is fed to a multi-effect distillation system that evaporates freshwater from the source water being treated and can handle varying quality up to 100,000 ppm TDS

Can this modular, solar-thermal water system deliver enough water for dry California? WaterFX says it does. Their Aqua4to treats and desalinates generates 65,000 gallons of freshwater per day, from:

  • wastewater
  • drainage water
  • runoff
  • saline groundwater
  • industrial process water

Let’s find out more.

Solar Power

California is drying. One of the problems is that groundwater is filled with salt, toxins and heavy metals, making it useless for irrigation. Traditional water desalination plants use a lot of energy. The use of solar energy to power desalination plants, is now seen as a challenge, both technically and economically.

San Francisco-based start-up WaterFX has come up with a solution that uses solar power heat to turn salty water into freshwater, and is sure to help the region’s water-pinched farmers.

30 times more efficient

This modular system can evaporate and distill water at 30 times the efficiency of natural evaporation. Unlike simple stills, the Aqua4™ CSS uses advanced absorption technology to dramatically increase production.

  • A single Aqua4™ module generates 65,000 gallons of freshwater per day. That’s 70 acre-feet per year!
  • The remaining brine is concentrated into solid byproducts for resale


A 400 KW solar thermal trough is used to maximize the collection of solar energy used to generate heat. The system is modular and movable – the equipment is delivered in modules and mounted on skids so installation is easy and equipment can be moved depending on water treatment needs.


  • 90% less fuel consumption and electricity
  • Evaporation is an extremely robust treatment process that separates freshwater from almost any source. This fresh drinking water can be filtered out of any kind of water chemistry
  • The system can be situated almost anywhere and does not require compromising valuable land

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