Rollable Solar Panels

Rollable Solar Panels

These high-efficiency solar panels could help generate instant energy in disaster areas

Rollable and large-scale flexible Solar Panels, called Roll-Array, can be towed by any 4X4 car, like a Range Rover or Land Rover.

It was developed by Renovagen, a company formed in 2012 specifically to develop the rollable solar array. Watch the video below.


Rollable so multi use purposes

Unlike other rollable PV products which are all single modules, this is an entire PV array pre-wired and pre-connected with built-in power cabling which can be created on a multi-kW scale. Indeed, based on initial feasibility testing, 100-200kW rollable arrays will soon be possible, with lengths of 200m or more.

The PV solution is based upon a composite structure consisting of:

  • Flexible CIGS PV modules which generate a relatively high output power per unit area
  • Woven polymer tensile fabric to provide the necessary tensile strength required to handle deployment, bracing and wind loads
  • Embedded power cabling within the structure, with a power-carrying capacity of at least 10kW-20kW per metre width
  • Flexible “filler layer” and specific patterning which alleviates any buckling-driven delamination effects and cable strain issues
  • Specialised bonding methods to create a high-strength laminate structure

Multi-kW PV Arrays

Innovative manufacturing techniques create a well-bonded structure which is capable of handling the strains imposed upon rolling – and can transition between the rolled and flat configurations without transmitting unacceptable strain to the PV modules which would otherwise cause damage. This capability enables large spool-deployed multi-kW PV Arrays to be created which can be stored in small transportable containers or trailers – providing a solution for very powerful transportable power systems.

Try this, its simple

  1. First, hook the Roll-Array to the back of the car and drop it off where you want to place the solar panels
  2. Then use a spool to connect the Roll-Array to the back of a car
  3. Drive the car forward and allow the spool to pull the Roll-Array out like a carpet
  4. And voila, your solar panels are dropped in a matter of two minutes,

Wind proof

The rollable solar field can also be easily staked to the ground so it can withstand winds up to 80 miles per hour. Installing a solar field manually takes about 22 hours, according to Renovagen. Meanwhile, only two people are required to install the Roll-Array, which includes batteries and inverters.

No additional labor is necessary once the solar panels are rolled out because everything comes pre-wired and pre-connected.

The panels provide up to 100kWp of power — 10 times more power than any other transportable solar products, according to the Renovagen website.

Roll-Array is not only a more efficient way of installing solar panels, but it helps cut down on fuel costs because it doesn’t require large diesel generators like other solar panel installations.


Renovagen notes in their video that the system is perfect for military bases and disaster relief. Watch the video


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