Rotating Skyscraper generates Power

Rotating Skyscraper generates Power

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A rotating skyscraper that generates solar and wind energy and turns 360 degrees around its axis for a beautiful view of the city.

By 2020, this revolving residential tower will enrich Dubai.

The design of the world’s first rotating skyscraper is made by the Israeli-Italian architect David Fisher, founder of the architectural firm Dynamic Architecture. The architect has developed his plan in 2008, but now there are concrete plans to realize the 80-floor tower in Dubai.

Sustainable Skyscraper

In the gaps of about one meter between the floors of the tower, wind turbines will generate electricity for inside use of the building. In addition, the tower will be build with solar façades that generate electricity. This green power installations will generate as much renewable energy as it consumes.

According to the architect, it should be even possible to deliver the surplus of generated electricity to adjacent buildings.

Energy from renewable sources

The plans for the so-called Dynamic Tower contribute to the United Arab Emirates plan (UAE) to produce 44 percent of the total energy supply from renewable sources.

In January of this year, the UAE announced that it would make $ 163 billion available for energy conservation in the country over the next thirty years. Furthermore, the investment is intended to increase the energy efficiency of households and office buildings by 40 percent.



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