Route Energy: 10 challenges


We have to rush to limit climate change and to seize the economic opportunities that the transition entails.
This WindWheel has released an architecture design for the wind turbine of the future

10 challenges we should overcome in order to transform successfully to a sustainable, strong and secure green energy economy.

Buildings, transport, industry, ICT, user behavior, energy storage, solar energy, wind energy, bio-energy, CO2 capture and more … Energy is one of the biggest changes in this century and has many aspects.

We present to you the ten important and urgent challenges, summarized by NERA.

Route Energy

The energy transition is one of the greatest challenges of this century, technological, social, economic, legal and physical challenges. It requires excellent building blocks for an integrated approach and broad support.

More than 200 wide-oriented experts in the research field discussed the Energy Route. An intensive process of identifying, prioritizing, and formulating integration.


All challenges are multidisciplinary, but they have to be explicitly addressed in conjunction. Only then, pioneering innovations can quickly find their way on a large scale to society and market and accelerate the energy transition. In this overview, scientist have chose for solutions that all can contribute substantially in the period up to 2050.

  1. Buildings as power units and transports as energy buffers
  2. Clean and flexible industry
  3. Every surface generates renewable energy
  4. Smart energy
  5. From power to fuel and heat
  6. Dealing with variations
  7. Measure, understand and adapt
  8. Shortcut to a CO2-neutral society
  9. A CO2-neutral society is different
  10. A nations transition in global context

We have to rush to limit climate change and to seize the economic opportunities that the transition entails.

The NERA is an alliance of the major Dutch public knowledge institutes active in energy.


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