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The Sustainable Energy Test Site on the roof of the University Utrecht is one of the five Sustainable Roof Plans of the province of Utrecht

Ron Brenk is senior project manager building management.

Brenk coordinates the technical maintenance of the 10 buildings of the University of Utrecht.

Working on sustainability is incredibly interesting. Sustainability is an investment that both financial and social pays itself back

Control station

Ron Brink: “I have a dream”: A central ‘control station’, that informs us with an overview of energy-consuming systems. With such a station, we could avoid unnecessary energy consumption. We try to achieve energy savings without noticing by our students and lecturers. This sounds illogical, but education is paramount our first priority is to ensure that all this is supported and functioning properly.

Payback 15 years

In one of our buildings, we have isolated facades, roofs and floors. In addition, 60 solar panels are providing green energy, solar water heaters heat our water taps and heat recovery makes sure the air quality remains comfortable. These measures should be recovered within 15 years.

Since 2013 energy saving measures have been:

  1. the isolation of the appendages in the heating spaces
  2. optimizing the settings of heat
  3. tuning holiday schedules to adjust systems
  4. tuning time program that suit the occupation of the buildings

These measures produced the HU energy savings of approximately 4 to 6% per year.

Social innovation

The most interesting side effect is that the colleagues, who work on energy-saving measures, are becoming more aware of the opportunities. They share new ideas that lead to even more energy savings!


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