Save space with water storage beneath roads

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Thanks to a WT swirling, the rainwater will be discharged quickly to the water storage foundation

Due to the increasing rainfall in many parts of the world, municipalities have to reserve more space for their water storage. Ditches and ponds take much space.

This is another solution: a water reservoir beneath the road. The Aquaflow® system solves storm water problems.

To collect and dispose storm water resembles water storage an obvious solution. Areas with sandy soils usually have no problem. But in areas with high groundwater with  impermeable clay soil, only a surface disposal works.

The Aquaflow® system – where the ditch is situated directly under the pavement – complies. The road base will be the water buffer. This solution works when the storage system is situated higher than the level in the ditches. With the water storage under the street, the water in the clay soils will be discharged with a delay. In sandy soil, the water will be infiltrated directly.

Road as water buffer

Nowadays it is possible to discharge rain water to the water storage (foundation) with a combination of a gully and a WT-water unit:

  • Maintenance for the water permeable paving is no longer needed
  • Another advantage is that the AquaFlow this system can be equipped with asphalt, large tiles and even ancient cobblestones.
    This system is suitable for new buildings and renovations. A great solution for in existing neighborhoods which often have no space for water storage and infiltration systems like pipes, crates or locks.

Low investment

This storage system distributes rainwater fast: thanks to the open structure of the road foundations, the water moves at a speed of more than 100 ml / hr. Even the water from roofs can be discharged effortlessly. Furthermore, the investment per m3 water storage layer is low. For municipalities which need to invest in a smart and cost-effective way to store water and want to use the build environment multipurpose, Aquaflow® is the ideal solution.


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