Sea level rising is like the eye of the hurricane

Sea level rising is like the eye of the hurricane

This undated photo courtesy of NASA shows Thwaites Glacier in Western Antarctica. Ice in west Antarctica is melting at an accelerating rate, new research shows.

It’s quiet about sea level rising. Like the eye of the hurricane, around which the storm is raging.

But a new report from the Climate Council announces, global warming will put at risk coastal infrastructure worth up to 226 billion dollars!

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Planet Earth is getting warmer. As a result melting of glaciers and polar ice caps will rise our sea levels by 3,2 mm a year. The report warns that these seemingly small increases matter because they severely exacerbate extreme weather events, making coastal areas more vulnerable to storm surges and flooding.

In it’s worst-case scenario, $226bn in property, including houses, schools, hospitals and ports, would be exposed to flooding and erosion, making much of it unviable.

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high damages because of coastal erosions in the UK


Countries like the Netherlands, the UK and Germany, don’t have time for climate sceptics, they get on with the job of preparing their countries for climate change.


Antarctica has the potential to contributmore than a meter of sea-level rise by 2100 and more than15 meters by 2500, if emissions continue unabated. In this case atmospheric warming will soon become the dominant driver of ice loss, but prolonged ocean warming will delaits recovery for thousands of years.


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2 Responses to Sea level rising is like the eye of the hurricane

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  2. Ian Wylie says:

    When will you acknowledge the REAL issue; the climate is warming, but has been doing so gradually/randomly for thousands of years (what created the North Sea? Why are the “breadbaskets of the Roman Empire” in North Africa now deserts etc) but there is little we as humans can do about it, – the climate has been alternating between warming and icing over such a timescale since the earth began, caused probably my minute orbital variations resulting from external meteor/asteroid hits from when there was no climate.

    What we need to do now is, instead of throwing massive resources to limit carbon emissions, to prepare all countries for life in an ever-warming climate: resettlement, new cities building, new agriculture etc. Future generations will despise us, not for failing to curb emisions, but for not preparing them for their new situation

    Ian Wylie
    CE Trevenning Water

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