Sea-level rising: Miami glimps at future extremes

Florida has severe problems facing climate change issues

Florida has severe problems facing high tides issues

Southeast Florida has already begun experiencing the effects of the sea-level rising reality. With, or sometimes even without, severe downpours, sea-level rise — combined with ‘king tides’ — is already causing localized flooding in some areas of Miami-Dade, from Miami-Beach to Sweetwater.

The Miami-Dade County created ther own Sea Level Rise Task Force as a focused next step to better gauge and plan for what lies ahead.

Global warming

Regardless of its cause, sea-level rise is the inevitable, non-debatable consequence of the warming of the oceans and the melting of the planet’s ice sheets. It is a measurable, trackable and relentless reality. Without innovative adaptive capital planning, it will threaten trillions of dollars of the region’s built environment, our future water supply, unique natural resources, agricultural soils and basic economy.



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  1. Alex Letin says:

    Global warming does not have a simple effect on climate. I believe the US is now well aware of it with, for example, last winter with, at the same time, crazy snow storm in the East, no rain in the West, Hurricanes in the South… so, basically we have no clue of which effect will the global warming will have on climate (we are currently still unable to forecast weather 3 days in advance…).
    Moreover, global warming may have a strong effect on desertification in Africa, for example, it may change the climate in amazonia in a way we do not know, which might be negative, etc…

    What I believe also, is that the earth is resilient and has mecanisms which tend to keep conditions stable on the “short” term (few thousands of years). So an increase of vegetation might be one of these mecanism to compensate rise of CO2.

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