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SeaBin is super excited to have Wärtsilä Corporation as our new pilot partner and the city of Helsinki to install the Seabins! The battle for cleaner seas has started big time and we have the best kind of ally for the job. We are joining The Seabin project’s pilot program as a part of our Finland 100 celebrations. #Futureseas.

Seabin in the UK

One of the first to get behind the project is Land Rover BAR and in return for their leap of faith, Land Rover BAR will receive the very first commercial Seabin for the headquarters in Portsmouth, UK.

Slowly but surely things are changing for the better.. Multinational corporation Johnson & Johnson is to stop selling plastic cotton buds – one of the most common item of litter found on Britain’s beaches – in half the countries of the world after a campaign to cut marine pollution. The company will instead use paper to make the stick of the buds.

SeaBin in Finland

Our newest pilot partner Wärtsilä Corporation are shaking up the marine industry by steering away from heavy oil fuels with alternative energy solutions for both shipping and land based industry. Wärtsilä’s unique solar hybrid solutions with ultra-flexible engines are capable of following rapid changes in solar output.

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