Shell will get a green light for drilling in Alaska

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Arctic ice is dwindling, and tens of thousands of walruses have taken notice, “hauling out” on an Alaskan beach in numbers never seen before

This week, Shell will get it’s approval to resume drilling in the waters around Alaska from the US government.

The news has been reported by ‘The Guardian. According to the newspaper, Shell will get the permission next Wednesday.

It is expected that Minister Sally Jewell will ratify a positive recommendation from supervisor Bureau of Ocean Energy Management.

Since January 2015, Shell wanted to return to the waters off Alaska to conduct exploratory drilling there. in the summer of 2014, it was initially planned to resume work, but an indictment of the US government forbid it. In 2012, Shell faced great difficulties, drilling in the waters around Alaska. Since than, the operation was suspended.


Greenpeace is shocked by the decision of Shell to return to Alaska.

This is the moment for Shell to stay out of this fragile area for ever. It’s disappointing and very unwise.

A leading academic, Prof Robert Bea, from the engineering faculty at the University of California in Berkeley, who made a special study of the Deepwater Horizon accident, has raised new concerns that the recent slump in oil prices could compromise safety across the industry as oil producers strive to cut costs.


Shell is getting increasingly desperate to plunder the Arctic in any way possible. It has recently made a deal with the devil: partnering with Russian oil and gas giant Gazprom to access the Arctic through Russia. If this joint venture continues, an Arctic oil spill is practically inevitable.

Share this video to expose Shell’s ruthless new plan, to save the Arctic from oil destruction.


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