Shell will pay for cleaning up polluted Niger Delta

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Theft, fraud, opacity, pollution characterize Nigeria’s years of oil production. This a new agreement is a giant step forward to a healthy delta area.

Since 2008, the area of ​​Bodo, is a horribly polluted part of the Niger Delta in Nigeria

Several oil spills, destroyed all nature and colored the area black.

Now there is an agreement between all parties involved to Bodo, to clean the area and restore nature. And Shell will pay all costs. 
According to the agreement, the area will be cleaned by an independent organization, payed by Shell. The work itself will take ten years. The area needs to be cleaned, but also nature has to be restored. Costs: 150 to 500 million dollars.

Cleaning up the oil should be done by internationally recognized companies. And it will happen to the highest standards. Otherwise it will never work. It is a tidal area, so if you do not clean up things, it just spreads again.

Supervision of the cleaning will be done by a special established, independent board. Shell will pay all costs: The cleanings, restoration and another $ 7 million to local communities, providing them with drinking water and health care.

Oil theft

The local communities have committed themselves to act against oil theft. That theft was truly awful. In the Bodo area, there are 120 illegal refineries.


In the Niger Delta, there are much larger, heavy polluted areas. Even worse than Bodo. If the government and local communities have the guts to collaborate, many can be cleared up, conforming to the model that led to this agreement. For example, with the leadership of the United Nations. The new Nigerian government seems to be interested.


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