Skepticism about fusion reactor Lockheed Martin

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The Lockheed team is focusing on plasma containment following successful magnetized ion confinement experiments

Aircraft manufacturer Lockheed Martin is working on a nuclear fusion reactor that fits into a shipping container. International experts react skeptical. The Russians tried this already in the 60s without success. According to Lockheed Martin the 10 times smaller installation, generates as much energy as experts generate in a building named a Tokamak. 

In nuclear fusion, light atomic nuclei of hydrogen and tritium melts – as in the sun – at high pressure and temperature to heavier nuclei. A process that releases lots of energy. The problem of fusion is that the sizzling plasma of millions of degrees, must be kept in control.

In the sketches of Lockheed we see a cigar-shaped reactor vessel with, at the ends, inside magnet coils which must secure the plasma. Quiet different from the most common fusion reactors, called Tokamaks. This big buildings confine the plasma  in a circular tube filled with magnetic fields.

Laws of nature

According to experts, the use of a ‘container’ instead of a Tokamak, is physically an illusion. The European ‘ITER reactor’ has no arbitrary size. Dimensions are dictated by the laws of nature. For instance, fusion requires a certain distance between the walls and the plasma because otherwise the high temperatures needed centrally, can not be reached: A matter of natural law

In addition, the experts have serious doubts about the sketches of Lockheed.

An important question is how does the superconducting coil work in the plasma? The superconductor coil is getting so hot that superconductivity is excluded.

The experts embrace viable alternatives to fusion because fusion called one of the “green” alternative forms of energy for future energy. Fusion is clean energy which generates no greenhouse gasses!


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