Smart Cable Guard: safeguards any medium-voltage underground cable network

Smart Cable Guard

Smart Cable Guard: You will receive immediate alerts of any faults, including recurring hidden faults (self-healing breakdowns) that are difficult to detect by conventional methods.

DNV GL’s Smart Cable Guard online monitoring system safeguards your medium-voltage underground cable network by pinpointing weak spots and faults.

This online multi-functional monitoring system saves millions because of it’s early warning system that prevents your area from electricity breakdowns. 

Eliminate weak spots

70% of electricity outages are caused by problems in underground medium-voltage cable networks.

These networks carry more electricity each year, especially in urban areas. Hence it is vital to understand their condition.

Responding to faults quickly and eliminating weak spots before they fail helps minimise the frequency and duration of outages. So you can deliver a reliable electricity distribution network that’s ready for the future.

Pinpointing cable faults

Smart Cable Guard monitors underground medium-voltage cables 24/7, so you can respond to issues with maximum efficiency. It lets you:

  • Detect and locate* weak spots
    The pinpointing accuracy in both cases is 1 % of the cable length
  • Detect and locate* faults including self-healing breakdowns


You receive immediate alerts of any faults, including recurring hidden faults (self-healing breakdowns) that are difficult to detect by conventional methods.

Meanwhile, the partial discharge (PD) locator function detects any weaknesses in your network through PD measurements.

You have access to hourly PD activity updates via a web interface, enabling you to act proactively to prevent possible outages.

Save money

Smart Cable Guard is a unique system that can revolutionize your asset management strategy and safeguard your network. Its round-the-clock monitoring helps you:

  • Reduce outage duration (SAIDI)
  • Reduce outage frequency (SAIFI)
  • Improve network health and reliability
    • Replace weak cable segments and accessories before they fail
    • Improve your learning curve for understanding future outages
  • Prevent negative publicity and liability claims due to outages
  • Reduce operating costs to keep your network running
  • Run your network proactive instead of reactive


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