100 Smart Cities in India

100 Smart Cities in India

India is interested in innovative solutions, that are preserving the environment and are preventing disasters because of climate change.

India intends to invest in cities in order to make them future proof. The next five years, the Indian government wants to create a hundred smart cities throughout the country.

The government is interested in innovations in the sectors water, waste management and mobility, in order to keep the cities smart, liveable and accessible for the increasing population.

About India

In 2014, India counted 1.295 billion people, of whom 32 percent lived in big cities like Jaipur, Pune and Delhi. The Indian government expects the number of residents to increase in the urban area. In the current situation, the cities are not able to handle this increase in population.

100 smart cities

To capitalize on the predicted urbanization, India reserved $ 7.75 billion to develop a hundred of ‘smart cities’ in the next five years .The aim of the so-called Smart City Mission is to achieve urban infrastructure that enhances economic productivity and quality of life of city dwellers.
India is interested in innovative solutions, that are preserving the environment and are preventing disasters because of climate change.

Waste as raw material

With nearly 200,000 tonnes of waste per day, New Delhi’s is dirtiest city in the world. This waste can be converted into new raw materials or energy sources such as biogas. This will reduce the environmental impact in the city and areas will remain viable for the growing population.

Smart water infrastructure

A Greenpeace research showed that only 5% of the extracted groundwater in India is used for drinking water. That while 10% of the water is used for industrial processes. Because of these, 330 million people are threatened by extreme drought, according to Greenpeace.

Greenpeace advises India:

  • to give priority to sustainable water supply and irrigation systems for agriculture
  • In addition, India needs to minimize the supply of water out of the wells and groundwater. Instead the country should reuse the water

To optimize water infrastructures, Indian universities cooperate with international companies.

100 smart cities India

india hyderabad traffic vehicles jam rush

Bicycle Capital of the World

A car is considered a status symbol in India. Therefore, people are traveling more and more by car, instead of public transport or bicycle. With all its consequences.

Bangalore wants to encourage a cycling culture. The city is analyzing the options for a cycling infrastructure in order to create attractive bike circumstances

Doing business in India: the do’s

The Indian market is price sensitive and often hard to access for foreign companies. By working together and focus on personal relationships, companies are increasing their chances of success in the smart cities of India.


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