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With 37 million people, Tokyo Japan is the biggest city in the world in 2015.

There is enormous potential for information technology to reduce the need for physical movement by enabling urban dwellers to access more and more services online.

Using IT networks to connect and coordinate cars and public transport can also help reduce traffic congestion and accident risks.

Cities face challenges in meeting ever greater demands for connectivity

Cities have limited resources. To deliver on the range of ambitious goals they have, cities must take account of the interconnected challenges they face an the interrelated systems they influence.

This is a journey for cities, not an overnight transformation. But the firs step requires a shift in thinking and a break from the past.

This means that city administrations should develop an integrated city planning framework, based on deciding where their internal expertise lies and bringing outside expertise where necessary.

What can we expect in the future of green/blue healthy megacities

  1. SMART Buildings
    In 2020 at least 50% of buildings will be Green and Intelligent built with BIPV. 20% of the buildings will be Net Zero Buildings.
  2. SMART Technology
    In 2020 Intelligent Communication Systems will connect homes, offices, iphones, cars and connected transport systems (trains, metro’s, city cars, bikes, harbor transports and airports) on a Single Wireless IT Platform.
  3. SMART Governance
    In 2020 a lot of governments will also have implemented smart planning tools and systems like a city communication system including its telecommunication infrastructure (including telephony, broadband and wireless). The ability to access and communicate information is central in a modern economy and key to a safe and secure city
  4. Smart Economy
    A city’s business system encompasses its regulation and policy environment and including planning regulations, openness to foreign trade and investment, and labor and product market legislation

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