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Of course the city state of Monaco doesn’t need a lot of introduction. It is well-known for its luxurious yachts, the Formula 1 race and the glamorous casinos featured in the Bond movies. 

However it is also one of the most densely populated places in the world and the historic town with its narrow hilly streets also creates traffic congestion, especially when goods need to be unloaded, garbage collected, etc.

That’s why they started the Monaco City 3.0 project.

Even for pedestrians or commuters the geography of the town creates hassle. Carrying around luggage and shopping can become a real challenge and the escalators that are in place can break down – just when you need them, naturally.

These are some of the challenges that the city is addressing, together with its technology partner Bosch.

Smartphone app

Part of the Monaco City 3.0 demonstrator project is a smartphone app. It brings connecting technology to public services, such as:

  • bus networks
  • parking lot management
  • waste collection
  • information on road works

Increasing Efficiency

Furthermore, it provides up-to-date information to users and helps various city departments operate more efficiently.

The app has a crowd sourcing function that illustrates how people can actively participate in and improve city life. The communication works both ways, the app has a crowd-sourcing function that illustrates how people can actively participate in and improve city life.

So, in addition to the existing fault recognition system users will be able to log relevant visual and status information about the condition of public services such as elevators or escalators. People can be alerted to a problem and directed to an alternative escalator, bus or street option in the case of breakdowns, congestion, etc.


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