Smart Dynamic Charging For Electric Vehicles

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Lithium iron phosphate battery which can be charged and discharged to store renewables

Use the EV batteries to store energy locally.

Since there is an increasing number of hybrid and electric vehicles (EV’s) there is an increasing amount of battery power connected to the electricity grid. 

This can be used for Dynamic Energy Management (DEM) to balance the electrical grid better.

The possibilities for Dynamic Energy Management with EV’s are currently being researched within the Smart Grid v2X Energy & Mobility project.

The control system should control the desired charge rate of the EV to get a balance between

  • electricity cost
  • grid load
  • battery lifetime and comfort
  • depending on e.g. battery status, battery charge, power consumption, power production, electricity price and the user’s use-schedule for the car.
  • This desired charge rate is sent to the charge unit and there translated into actual charge power.


  • New hardware and operating software will be developed for fast charging and discharging V2X. This will be tested in Amsterdam. This enables end users to balance their electric vehicles to the grid.
  • The first tests show that by utilizing 10% of the battery of an electric car, the self-consumption of solar power can be increased to 70%
  • Open Mobility Services Platform


  • Bi-directional charging system which is coupled to a smart energy management system
  • Improving grid management by (dis)charging EVs.
  • new business models
  • By 2020, 40,000 cars must be unlocked through to V2X
    (about 20% of the Dutch electrical fleet)

Why they acted?

Balancing the electricity grid becomes more and more an issue with an increasing of amount green energy sources, like PV’s. At the end of this project Amsterdam must have a local energy grid where the charging and discharging of electric cars is balanced and consumers use as much renewables as possible.

How we did it?

This clever system looks at the use at home, the action radius of the vehicle, the output of solar panels and the imbalance in the energy market. For this, a complex algorithm has been developed. The biggest challenge is to scale the system to a larger amount of cars. That will be more lucrative but also much more complex.

Next step

  • Scaling the system
  • Selling the technology at the global market

Lessons Learned

  • Consumers need to be engaged through understanding, trust and clear tangible benefits. Customers will need to recognize the value that these technologies can provide and be willing to make behavioral changes and pay for the products and services on offer
  • For the success of Demand Response and energy conservation projects, end-user awareness and participation is a crucial point. The deployment of smartmeters and apps plays is a main role in the demand response and energy conservation projects.
  • The introduction of tailored and simple power supply agreements at city level, coupled with customer information and awareness, has a potential impact of about 50 MW of reduced peak capacity
  • Important CO2 reductions, particularly in the case of renewable electricity use and off-peak charging
  • An open and secure ICT infrastructure is at the core of a successful SmartGrid implementation. Addressing interoperability, data privacy and cyber-security is a priority requirement to make the ICT infrastructure truly open and secure

Contact Information

Jacco van der Burg – Cofely gdf Suez


Not yet, the project will end in 2018



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