Smart Meter Project Philadelphia

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Smart Grid Smart Meter Project Philadelphia: 1% voltage reduction

Smart Grid & Smart Meter Project greater Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (USA). Technology and investment in Smart Grid infrastructure: Case study including results.


  1. Improved Electric Service Reliability and Operational Efficiency
    Restoration time decreased with 3 days
  2. Improved power quality and operational efficiency
    1% voltage reduction
    In conjunction with the volt/VAR application, these improvements enabled improved voltage and reactive power control on 72 distribution circuits to improve voltage regulation and reduce energy losses
  3. Improved Customer Service
    Web presentment of electric usage data has improved customer satisfaction and service.
  4. Reduced Truck Rolls
    Remote connect/disconnect has saved 33,000 truck rolls already since the inception of the program and provides faster, more convenient service

Why they acted

The main objective of the project was to accelerate the deployment of PECO’s planned AMI system, the MDMS, and selected DA equipment to deliver the benefits of the new technologies more quickly to customers and improve operational efficiency.

How we did it

To accelerate an advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) and distribution automation (DA), over 784,253 smart meters were deployed, as well as a meter data management system (MDMS), a web portal, a time‐of‐use (TOU) pricing pilot, and a variety of DA assets, including capacitor and voltage controllers in Philadelphia.

  • 120,000 Residential and Commercial Customers
  • In‐Home Displays: Pilot Program at 57 Volunteer Participant Locations

Next step

PECO plans to continue AMI meter deployment to all 1.6 million of PECO’s electricity customers. To ensure success, the utility will continue to partner with, learn from, and support other utilities in their ongoing AMI deployments.

Lessons Learned

  • Utilizing multiple installation vendors provides greater flexibility
  • Deployment of advanced AMI system capabilities (e.g., remote connect/disconnect, third‐party data access, and web presentment) requires a critical mass of meters and a stable network.
  • External meter evaluations based on UL standards provides reassurance of product quality.
  • Integration of new systems requires an agile approach during design and deployment.
  • DA systems integration maturity is continuing to evolve.
  • HAN industry interoperability functionality is continuing to evolve toward a reliable “plug and play” solution

Contact Information

James Johnson – Project Management Office, Manager

PECO Energy Company


W. exelon corp


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