Solar road, save and green

Solar road: A nationwide system could produce more clean renewable energy than a country uses as a whole

Solar road: A nationwide system could produce more clean renewable energy than a country uses as a whole

Imagine this … Would you like to drive your electric car on roads that don’t have potholes, don’t need re-construction every year, roads that will ‘self clean’ snow or ice on them in the winter, and have illuminated lines that you can see? Solar roadways will be able to accomplish all of this with existing technology.

When the panels get damaged, it would literally take just a few minutes for it to be replaced. The heating elements in the panels to rid the roads of ice and snow, not only making winter driving a lot safer, but imagine all the avoided expenses of keeping roads plowed!

Save for all

There are also imbedded LED lights instead of painted lines, and the lights can be programmed to changed, like at crosswalks, to alert drivers to pedestrians. They can also be used to alert drivers to deer and other animals on the road, saving lives and insurance money.

Basically, solar roadways can be almost anywhere; parking lots, driveways, highways, roads, etc… made out of photovoltaic panels. Scott and Julie Brusaw, co-inventors of Solar Roadways, have been working on the project since 2009.

The founders have done some calculations;

  • There is approximately 31,000 square miles of usable road surfaces in the US
  • If all of these were covered the Solar Roadways system this could produce over three times the electricity that is used by the entire country.

The hexagonal panels, made of glass are designed to be driven on have been rigorously tested for safety and durability. They have proven to be as good or better than asphalt or concrete.

The panels have been tested for traction, load testing, and impact resistance. They’re supposed to withstand a 250,000-pound load, typical of the heaviest trucks. In fact, they’ve actually already developed a working prototype that’s been installed in a parking lot, and they’re now crowd sourcing funds in order to tweak the design and move towards production. 



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