SolarBee for stagnant water

SolarBee for stagnant water

SolarBee, cleans lakes from Algae with Solar Energy

The SolarBee is the perfect solution for stagnant water.

Some time ago a local citizen in Western USA saw something in the water reservoir of a local water company.

He called the information desk and said there was a car floating top-down in the middle of their basin. 

That was the start of a series of news coverages throughout Northern America about the SolarBee, a floating solar powered water moving device. In fact, in that particular reservoir there were, and still are, 5 SolarBee’s at work.

Why would a water purification reservoir have such devices floating around? Well, to set ánd keep the original stagnant water body in motion. And why is that? To prevent micro-organisms, especially algae, to grow.


The idea is quite simple: a little solar panel drives an electrical motor that continuously moves the water, and in doing so preventing algae to bloom. In case you have missed the news coverage. Watch the video



The SolarBee has been developed in order to circulate large volumes of water. Scientific research and practical experience shows that by the circulation, blending and mixing of (surface) water, the water quality is significantly improved.

Large volumes of water are put in motion by long-distance circulation: by circulating, blending and mixing of the water, is:

  • improved water quality
  • biodiversity increases
  • reduced the cost of treatment, production and management and maintenance
  • prevent odors
  • limits the emission of CO2 and nitrous oxide

SolarBee advantages

  • surface water
  • waste and industrial water
  • drinking water and irrigation basins

The SolarBee works on solar energy. There is also a ‘Bee’ that operates on AC power, the GridBee.

Medora Corporation, based in North Dakota (USA ) has developed the SolarBee. Globally, the SolarBee is used in 3,000 projects. MH Waterzaken is distributor of the SolarBee in Europe.

For those of you who love spec’s, scenery and scientific data, here a nice video of Devils Lake Water Improvement District (Lincoln City, Oregon USA)

More about the SolarBee


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