SolarCity: grid of the future

SolarCity: grid of the future

SolarCity connected mini grids

SolarCity – started in 2006 in California – fulfills all consumer renewable energy needs. From power generation to storage and transportation.

As an aggregator, they offer a full service lease construction:

  • Solar panels for the energy
  • Tesla batteries for the energy storage at your house
  • 24/7 monitoring the house energy balance
  • Energy shifting algorithms to exchange the energy in your neighborhood

SolarCity – Full Service

SolarCity makes it easy for customers to switch to renewable energy. They take a comprehensive look at the customers’ energy usage and identify opportunities for improvements.

SolarCity is performing the entire process:

  • from site audit and financial analysis
  • design, installation and connection the solar system to the utility grid
  • utility interconnection
  • monitoring & maintenance

Their project management and performance monitoring systems scale to support millions of users, and provide customers a real-time view of their net energy consumption and carbon footprint.

The grid of the future is a connected mini grid

SolarCity’s goal is a cleaner, more resilient and more affordable grid that empowers individuals to enjoy and share the benefits of solar energy, day and night.

When a customer signs up for a SolarCity system with battery backup, he secures his home’s energy needs and contributes to the stability of the electricity grid.

Less costs and a contribution to global warming

The customers buy renewable energy from SolarCity for less than what they currently pay for electricity with no up-front cost. These advantages of solar power allow customers to secure predictable, long-term energy rates to protect them from rising energy costs and price volatility.


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