SolarPlane enters Space

SolarPlane enters Space

The entire round trip is expected to take five hours.

In 2018, the first SolarPlane will be launched into Space. Founder Raphaël Domjan has been supported for this amazing project through crowdfunding, and they have a host of partners on board, including Ciel Électricité, Zvezda and Fischer Connectors.

Dormjan: “It seems to me that it is necessary to go even further and overtake what has been achieved with fossil fuels.”

The project is called ‘Mission SolarStratos’. The aim of this so-called eco-adventure is to send an 8.5m long and 24.9m wide solar-powered plane, 15 minutes into space and back.

SolarPlane specs

Over the course of two hours, the two-seater plane will ascend to a height of 75,000ft, penetrating the stratosphere and becoming the first even manned solar plane to do so. Designed by Calin Gologan of Elektra-Solar GmbH, the plane is powered by a 20kWh lithium battery and a 32kW engine that propel the four 2.2m propeller blades. Solar cells 22 m2, cells efficiency 22-24%

Two seater in tandem

After the ascent, the plane will spend 15 minutes in the stratosphere before making the journey back to Earth. The entire round trip is expected to take five hours. The pilot of the plane will wear a spacesuit as the cabin will not be pressurized, and they will have to cope with low pressures and very cold temperatures.

In time, the aircraft will be used for commercial purposes so that you too could take a journey into space and reach for the stars. As of yet we don’t know how much it will cost to take a flight, but we imagine the experience will be priceless.



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