Solar panels on roof Ajax Amsterdam Arena Stadium

Solar panels on roof Ajax Amsterdam ArenA Stadium

Solar power lightens football stadion Ajax Amsterdam

Amsterdam Arena gets self supported. The home stadium of Ajax Football in Amsterdam has been equipped with a sunroof. With an area of 7,000 square meters it is one of the largest Dutch rooftops supplied with PV.

Annually, the solar panels are generating approximately 930,000 kilowatt hours electricity. That equates to 10 percent of the current electricity consumption of the Amsterdam ArenA.

The investments have been 1.6 million euros (1.8 million dollars). The funding is done with grants and a loan from the government and the municipality of Amsterdam (the Amsterdam Climate and Energy Fund).

Arena gets green

According to director Amsterdam ArenA Henk Markerink, the solar panels are profitable because of the favorable lending conditions of the sunroof.

The savings on energy bills will be used to repay the loan. The payback period is expected to be about 25 years.

Energy Neutral

The solar panels are a part of a broader sustainability project that will ensure that the stadium will be carbon neutral in 2015. For example, the Amsterdam ArenA already uses district heating and wind energy. The board is also investigating other energy-saving measures, such as LED lighting.

Storage with old car batteries

To store the solar energy, Amsterdam Arena is equipped with a large-scale energy storage. The system can store 4 megawatts per hour. The German company “The Mobility House” will use lithium-ion batteries, from old Nissan Leaf electric cars.



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