South Africa’s nationwide project: Let’s build a water and sanitation infrastructure

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8% of South Africa’s land areas provides 50% of the surface water

South Africa introduces a 10-year plan to address the estimated backlog of adequate water to supply 1.4m households and 2.1m households to basic sanitation. 

The project will involve provision of sustainable supply of water to meet social needs and support economic growth.

Projects provide new infrastructure, rehabilitation and upgrading of existing infrastructure, as well as improve management of water infrastructure.

Part of the infrastructure report is the water infrastructure plan called SIP 18 which involves a water and sanitation infrastructure available for all provinces. With the name “Source-to-Tap-to-Source” this project requires:

  • Waste water treatment
  • Bulk water pipelines
  • Clean water supply
  • Collecting waste water

Click to the report, page 25




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