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Stephen Will great speech

Sometimes satire better than reality. That has been proven during the hilarious TED talk by Stephen Will, online since July and has been watched 170,000 times. We can learn a lot from Stephen.

The speaker considers many proven techniques of presentation mercilessly ridiculed, and in the meantime applies them all . He uses humor and a props, he varies his intonations and speech rhythm, plays with the expectations of his audience. That same public stays involved because he is a classic tension and appoints what he is doing (in the theater they call it deconstruction).


If you absolutely want to remember one lesson from the Talk, let it be this.

“If there’s one thing you’d take away from my talk …” he says just before his conclusion.

It is one of the most effective ways to ensure that people are extra careful and remember indeed the essence of your story.


But above all, look at the video to get inspiration. Because Will Stephen convincingly shows how much you can say, saying nothing. (Tip: mail this to a colleague who is already making pressure on the presentation, he / she will be giving soon: “Hi there: even if you say nothing, you can give a good presentation.”


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