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Sqape concrete bicycle path without cement

Sqape green concrete bicycle path

This geo-polymer concrete reduces 70 – 80% carbon emissions

Sqape is a geo-polymerization system for sustainable and affordable building materials. Usually, concrete is made of the traditional mix of sand, gravel and cement.

Sqape replaces the cement through an environmentally-friendly binder system composed of:

  • Selected mineral residues
  • Alkalis
  • Activator and patented additives

Resulting in:

  • Up to 80% CO2 reduction (compared to Portland cement)
  • Extremely low MKI score / low carbon footprint

Sqape’s first project is a bicycle path without cement. By using geo-polymeric concrete, the CO2 footprint of the cycle path has been reduced by 70 percent.

With the geo-polymer technique, it is possible to replace Portland cement, used as a binder in the production of concrete, with mineral residues, alkalis and an activator. This avoids the energy-intensive cement production process that is necessary in concrete.

SQAPE technically

The base of almost all types of cement is the Portland cement stone. Due to the high CO2 emissions in the production process, cement is becoming increasingly controversial.


A promising innovation is the use of geo-polymer: a new binder system based on silicons and aluminum: both natural raw materials. Its a mix of high grade secondary minerals (from residues) with alkaline materials (alkalis) which results in a chemical reaction (activation).

This results in an artificial geo-polymer stone. Geo-polymer is a stable, form-retaining material that looks the same as cement-bound material (mortar, prefabricated). But the structure is different.

Thanks to the balanced combination of mineral raw materials and the unique additives, SQAPE contains only low concentrations of alkali. Unlike other geo-polymer systems, this product is easy to process and its affordable.


  • Extremely low carbon footprint
  • Better specifications (custom)

SQAPE Technology is the inventor of this unique technology available through licenses.


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