Stop evaporation, start covering the water reservoirs

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A floating ball cover providing algae control and saving water by evaporation control

With the California drought; evaporation continues at an alarming rate while precipitation fails to fall, leaving above ground reservoirs dangerously low and groundwater reservoirs pumped dry, while California’s water demand remains insatiable.

What about the water that’s already there? What about the water that is destined to evaporate? Why don’t we cover the reservoirs?

Floating Ball Cover

California doesn’t need to cover ALL of its large water reservoirs, but covering those that are used the least recreationally will provide billions of gallons of relief to a thirsting California.  This was the driving force for the development of the HydroOrb Floating Ball Cover:

  • extremely affordable
  • rapidly produced
  • long lasting
  • environmentally friendly cover system
  • engineered to suppress 90% of evaporation from large, open-air water reservoirs

The HydroOrb is the only cover system specifically designed to protect wildlife, reduce surface water temperatures and suppress evaporation over large water bodies (thousands of acres) without permanently altering the landscape and requires no maintenance.

Recycled milk jugs

HydroOrbs are made from recycled milk jugs, engineered to withstand the elements for over 10 years (20+) and contain no BPA. The most impressive feature of the HydroOrb Floating Ball Cover is its affordability; the larger the surface area there is to cover, the lower the cost.


Desalination may offer a long-term aid to California’s growing water demand but offers few, if any, short term (2-10 years) benefits to outweigh its cost and environmental impact. California needs an immediate fix to close the evaporative tap and the HydroOrb Floating Ball Cover deserves serious consideration. The introduction of the recycled floating ball solution fits perfectly within the movement to a circular economy.


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