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Stop the Plastic Soup

For the first time, it’s calculated how much plastic ends in the oceans: at least 5 billion tons a year.

Nineteen times more than thought.

  • Without measures, the plastic soup will increased thirty times in 2025! 
  • For certain marine animal populations, almost every animal has plastic in its stomach
  • And every year, 8 million metric tons of plastic enters the ocean

In this dossier, you will find blogs about ‘what’s going on’ and what you can do to stop the ocean’s pollution.

What is going on?

Stop ‘the plastic soup’ initiatives

From plastic waste to wealth

Video: Recycled plastic paving stone in Cameroon

Video: Roof Tiles From Recycled Plastics –  Uganda

Resintile (EA) Ltd – Amos Kambagira

Video: Roof Tiles From Recycled Plastics – Ukraine

Britanica Ukrainian-British Joint Venture

More inspiration recycling plastics

Why do we have to clean up our rubbish

  • degeneration of PET bottles: never
  • degeneration of cigarette butts: 2-12 years
  • degeneration of gum: more than 20 years
  • degeneration of apples: 14 days
  • degeneration of paper: 6 months
  • degeneration of banana peel: 1 year
  • degeneration of tins and cans: 50 years

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