Super Lego blocs stop floods

floods Bulgeria june 2014

floods Bulgeria june 2014

It’s flooding again in Central-Europe. Eastern-Bulgaria this time. Yesterday (June 18th) the normal monthly amount of rainwater fell in hardly 24 hours.

Last month it was at the other side of the Central European drainage divided Bosnia Herzegovina. In both cases there was too much rainfall for the local rivers to drain.

Here in The Netherlands our engineers know some about: keeping the rivers within, and the seas outside our dikes. In fact, fighting, ánd using, water has become part of our ‘societal DNA’. Even that much, that the Dutch underestimate their water management qualities.

“God created the World, but the Dutch made Holland” is a phrase that is much more known abroad than it is in The Netherlands.

Super 'Lego" boxes: the BoxBarrier prevents against flooding

Super ‘Lego” boxes: the BoxBarrier prevents against flooding

Fighting surplus of water goes along two strategies:

  • a) infrastructural drainage adjustments, which consist of canalization and huge steel and concrete constructions
  • emergency measures.

It is only the last decade or so that Dutch companies and innovators also focus upon the latter.

They figured: “With this onrushing Climate Change, it could be that even our massive infrastructures fall short.”

Water versus Water

They came up with emergency dikes or water blockades. A nice and intelligent example of this is the BoxBarrier, a kind of super-Lego, with river water to strengthen the individual blocs.

Here some nice and short video’s.

Is this particular BoxBarrier system thé solution to Bulgaria’s problems? We at BeterWorldSolutions do not know. What we do know however is that proof of the pudding is in the eating. So we say: let’s Lego this water the h*ll out of there!

Click for more the BoxBarrier details

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