Supersola plug&play PV for St Maarten

Supersola for sint maarten

Supersola plug and play solar panels crowdfunding action for the Island of St. Maarten

Supersola launched a crowdfunding action for power supply on Sint Maarten via plug-and-play solar panels.

Sint Maarten is heavily damaged because of the hurricane Irma earlier this month.

The Solar Panel company intents to ship 50 Supersola plug-and-play solar panels for the citizens of the island of St. Maarten.

Folding Panels

The folding solar panel that Supersola revealed earlier this month, is easy to install on a flat roof. It contains a water reservoir for stability and sturdiness and has a battery so that it can supply power everywhere.

Within 15 minutes you make your own green power!



With the Dutch Ministry of Defense and the Red Cross, Supersola is negotiating about the transport and distribution of the panels to and from Sint Maarten.

‘One of the biggest challenges in Sint Maarten is to restore energy supply. The Supersola system provides a fast, temporary power supply solution, “said Julius Smith, founder of Supersola. “Meanwhile we have advanced talks with the Ministry of Defense and the Red Cross for available aircraft to send the panels. To cover the operational costs we have set up a crowdfunding and hope to collect the required amount as soon as possible. ‘

Supersola Panels

The startup wants to make is simple for people to take the step to clean energy. Customers doesn’t need manuals, installers or long procurement. The Supersola does not have to be installed:

  • You drag it to the desired location
  • You fill the basin at the bottom with water
  • Plug the wire into the socket
  • And ready you are

Due to the weight of the water the panel remains in its place and the system is perfect when you want to move around.

Logistics, transport and storage​

In the design a connecting system is integrated to create a highly stable stack by simply placing several Supersola’s on top of each other. Furthermore the solar panel and all electronics are safely guarded to prevent transport damages.


Founder: Julius Smith

The Netherlands

Ph. +31655239224

Power to Sint Maarten, support the action


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