Supersonic plane on hydrogen

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The plane reduces the noise of the sonic boom — a loud bang caused by shockwaves created by an object moving faster than the speed of sound.
“This noise has been the main limit, if not the only one, preventing the opening of lines other than transatlantic ones for the Concorde aircraft,” the patent says.
The plane does that by being “near-vertical,” like a rocket, while ramping up to supersonic speed and its cruising altitude of 30,000 to 35,000 meters — 20 kilometers higher than conventional commercial aircraft.

Airbus has received a patent for a design of a supersonic passenger plane on hydrogen. Thanks to ultra-modern engines, the airplane can achieve speeds over 5,500 mph.

The granted patent discloses an apparatus which is provided with delta-shaped wings, provided with three different types of engines:

  1. turbojets for taxiing, takeoff and landing
  2. a rocket motor for rapid acceleration
  3. ramjets for high-altitude cruising

The plane will be fueled by hydrogen and liquid oxygen.

Like a helicopter to 30 km altitude

The patent describes that the plane takes off vertically to a height of approximately 30 kilometers. This way of rising has been chosen to avoid the ‘bang’ – produced breaking the speed of sound – will be heard on the ground. By going vertical, it runs smoothly through the sound barrier. Also, the streamline of the jet is adjusted to reduce ‘the bang’.


Once at cruising altitude, this supersonic plane switches to the turbojets. These jets (at the ends of the wings) will bring the jet to a cruising speed of 4.5 times the speed of sound.


According to Airbus, the jets and turbo will use hydrogen as a fuel. It’s unclear how much hydrogen can be taken along and for what distances are.
The new turbo jet can carry 20 passengers. Airbus said the plane would be targeted mainly at business travel and VIP passengers “who require transcontinental return journeys within one day,” and at the military.

2.5 times faster than the Concorde

This plane is super sonic fast. London – New York takes one hour! The old Concorde needed 3.5 hours for it.


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