Sustainable Aviation Fuel From South Africa

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The new type of tobacco doesn’t contain any nicotine but is incredibly energy rich

In South Africa, they know exactly how to grow tobacco plants.

But because of competition from neighboring countries and the reduced popularity of tobacco, South Africa is suffering with an increasing unemployment, much farmland remains unused and a lack of knowledge.

SkyNRG recognized the opportunity and initiated a tabacco plant in South Africa, which is the source of renewable aviation fuel: Solaris.

Green jet fuel

SkyNRG wants to ‘green’ the aviation industry by using bio-kerosene. At present, the company is a global leader with green kerosine, with more than 20 airlines flying with the renewable fuel.

  • The sustainable kerosene is pressed from the plant seed
  • There remains a so-called press cake: fine for animal foods
  • The residual biomass is used to produce biogas


Around the town of Marble Hall a number of large, commercial farmers are growing the tabacco plants. SkyNRG also wants to involve small farmers with less knowledge and resources. They get support from our training.


The project is running smoothly. Also Boeing and South African Airways will fly the green fuel. But before, SkyNRG faced difficulties financing their projects because of the whole new Tabacco crop. Finally, RVO helped SkyNRG with the Transition Facilities.

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