Peak power consumption during heat wave

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Do not use a fan to cool down, because it recirculates warm air. Buy yourself an air conditioning.

Because of the heat wave, Europe created a peak in energy demand. Plus 10 percent. No wonder: air conditioners and fans were running at full capacity.

According to the energy supplier, above 30 degrees Celsius Europe demands 10% plus. Once the temperature drops, the peak power flattens to about 7.5% at temperatures around 27 degrees. Read More

Looking for best methods to save energy in any industry?

Climate change, CO2 emission

An atlas of pollution: the world in carbon dioxide emissions

What are the best (proven methods) to save energy in any industry?

We made a summary of possible technical solutions that can decrease the amount of used energy and energy waste enormous.

Let’s solve your CO2 footprint. Please take action. Read More