Antarctica: Glaciers are melting dangerously fast

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Satellite images taken between 2002 and 2010 showed that glaciers remained about the same size. But since 2009 it is different.

Glaciers in parts of the Antarctic that was thought to remain stable since 2009, have been melting dangerously fast. A group of researchers wrote this in the journal Science, published yesterday.

According to the scientists, the water level is increasing to dangerous levels for the coasts from New York to Shanghai.

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Sea level rising is like the eye of the hurricane

Sea level rising is like the eye of the hurricane

This undated photo courtesy of NASA shows Thwaites Glacier in Western Antarctica. Ice in west Antarctica is melting at an accelerating rate, new research shows.

It’s quiet about sea level rising. Like the eye of the hurricane, around which the storm is raging.

But a new report from the Climate Council announces, global warming will put at risk coastal infrastructure worth up to 226 billion dollars! Read More