More rain, less snow on Arctic

More rain, less snow on Arctic

According to climate researchers, more rain than snow will fall in the Arctic. Moreover, oceans are getting hotter, and they’re also losing oxygen

According to climate researchers in the Netherlands, at the end of this century more rain than snow will fall in the Arctic. It was already known that, due to global warming, up to 60% more precipitation would fall in the Arctic.

The researchers now argue that it mainly involves rain, while scientists always presuppose the precipitation would be snow. Read More

Obama stops Arctic drilling

Obama stops Arctic drilling

Greenpeace: “We’re closer to saving the Arctic because of you”

In his last days as the US president, Obama banned future drilling in Atlantic and Arctic waters. 

Obama relies on a law from 1953, which allows governors to exclude areas at sea of drilling because “it is in the public interest.” Read More

Shell is going to drill in the Arctic

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The US administration has given conditional approval for Shell Oil to drill in a remote and dangerous part of Alaska.

The government of the United States has just been approved the drilling of oil giant Shell in the pristine Arctic.

Shell will bring the climate and beautiful wildlife in the ocean in great danger.
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Report shows: Sea level is rising fast

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The increase is faster than measured in the entire last century: Nowadays, the sea level is about 6 centimeters higher, as it was in 1994 and about 20 centimeters above the level of 1880.

A new study is showing that, in recent years, the sea level has been risen. Not just slowly but faster.

That is told by a team of researchers.

They have scrutinized the measurements and sentinel satellites date once again. 

Christopher Watson from the University of Tasmania and his colleagues, wrote in the journal Nature Climate Change, that the new data fit better with the accelerating of melting land ice in Greenland. Read More

Shell can help the energy transition, but does not


There is a huge global movement towards renewable energy. Climate change disasters already cause grieve to millions around the world. This stimulates initiatives that will change the world in unpredictable ways. The directors of the oil and gas companies can not deny the changes.

Oil and gas companies such as Shell have the unique expertise to help with the construction of the future energy supplies.

Yet they do not. According to Kamp – former Shell manager – the strategy of oil and gas companies is doomed to fail.

“Like the bank, oil and gas companies won’t change their strategies. They are earning still too much money with fossil fuels.”

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