Warning: El Nino in 2015?

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Unusual warming of waters in the central equatorial Pacific has prompted the US government to declare an El Nino event and predict a better-than-even chance that it will linger through the middle of the year.

The main meteorological agencies have declared 2014 to have been the hottest year globally on record.

The rising ocean temperature are reason to believe that the El Nino-like conditions may result in 2015 setting new highs.

This year was beginning to resemble 1988, a warm year that followed a big El Nino event.

And so 2015 could be another warmest year! Read More

World Bank gives the Dutch prominent role in addressing global water issues

Interaguas Project, WorldBank, Brazil, Water crisis, Dehydration

The WorldBank supports also Brazil with the Interaguas Project towards an integrated approach of water management.

The World Bank wants to give the Netherlands a more active role in advising on real solutions to address the global water challenges. Read More